Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY Cucumber Ice pads!!!


What's your favorite part about going to the spa? Is it the rejuvenating massages and relaxing aromas, or the invigorating spa facials? Me, I personally  love the facials, and the cucumbers slices are the icing on the cake. I've always tried to recreate spa facials at home but didn't like paying for a group of cucumbers just for them to go bad a week later, and hey whats a facial without cucumbers? Cucumbers are well known for their ability to decrease the appearance of dark circles around the eyes, but did you know that they're also great for your skin? Cucumbers don't only reduce inflammation around the eyes but can tighten pores, improve your complexion and can reduce the appearance of dark marks. Of course I'm no dermatologist but this is what I experienced after using this trick over a long period of time, so I decided to share how to do it with you all!  Recently I was going through old videos on Michelle Phan's YouTube channel when I came across a video about, you guessed it DIY face masks which eventually led me to finding this cool little project.  

Here's what you'll need:
  • 1 full sized cucumber
  • a pack of cotton rounds
  • blender
  •  a freezer safe bag/plastic wrap
  • and some water
How to start:
Your mixture should look like this.

  • First you'll need to take your full sized cucumber cut it into slices, peel it, and remove the seeds from the middle. ( I do this so the seeds don't interfere with my blender. I don't know if you can use seedless cucumbers, I haven't tried it yet so if you do let me know how it turns out!)
  • Next you'll need to fill your blender about halfway with water and add your cucumber slices. I gradually add the skins you peeled off earlier into the blender, as you're mixing everything together.
  • When you're done blending your ingredients, pour your mixture into a bowl, take your cotton rounds and dip them into your cucumber juice. Depending on how much juice you made you can place them on a sheet of plastic wrap (make sure you place a piece on top of the cotton rounds also so they can freeze properly!) and stick them in the freezer until frozen or you can put them into a freezer safe bag but you can only fit about 6 cotton rounds in those at a time.
  •  If you used plastic wrap,what I like to do is remove them out of the plastic casing and transfer them into a bag after they're frozen, because my freezer isn't big enough to hold at least 12 ice pads spread out like that.
  • Finally you're done!! Just thaw them out whenever you need an extra boost after a long night of studying. Beauty tip: I also like to use them as a toner! Thaw out one cucumber ice pad and instead of placing them on your eyes, use it all over your face! Let it all the juices dry so the nutrients have a chance to sink into your skin, and then rinse off the residue. Over time you should see a change in your complexion and a noticeable decrease in dark marks. REMEMBER everyone's skin is different. So this may or may not work for you, always be cautious about what you put onto your skin!! 
These Ice pads last forever and now you don't have to continuously repurchase cucumbers anymore!! P.S. This also helped me with my acne! I'm not sure how, but it did! Let us know if you tried this out and how it worked for you! Tweet us your stories and follow @beauty_breaking on twitter! It's always exciting to hear from you guys!

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