Who are we??

We wanted to share a little bit more about ourselves before we get into all the highly anticipated blogs. So I am one out of a group of girls who have dealt with our fair share of family drama, breakups, and the unavoidable popular girls in and out of high school.Even if you we're lucky enough to avoid all 3 of these life obstacles, we still can agree on one thing, between the ages of 2 and now our self-esteem levels have taken a hit one way or another. Whether it'd be by losing a close friend, being crushed by your crush, dealing with family drama, or (insert your obstacle here)The options are endless, but with each obstacle comes all the feelings. The "I'm not good enough" the "I'm so ugly" the "My but will never fit into these jeans" or the "I just can't do that". So what do we do? Basically we write out our opinions, give out some advice, or share with you our experiences and most importantly we listen to you. To sum everything up we're trying to reinvent social media and society all while helping you feel less guilty about eating that chocolate bar. Where I personally have no regrets. There's also been a lot of cases recently of young kids being bullied over a physical disability or for flaws perfectly normal for a person to have, so we basically wanted to create a place where you could learn to finally accept who you are while staying entertained at the same time.
So what makes us different? while coming up with this idea we knew we wanted to include everyone, not just a certain age group, and we didn't want to focus on just one insecurity most women have but every insecurity all women have or had at one point.I know we can't possibly name them all but we'll try! We also wanted to create a non-biased site, so you won't get judged for being one way and not the other. We wanted to include inspirational women who often get ostracized from their community for not fitting the mold of what's normal based off of first impressions (more like first glances) including women suffering from cancer who are self conscious about going out after losing their hair to chemo, women who have had to go through losing limbs because of disease or whatever reason it maybe and get second glances everywhere they go, women who decide to express themselves through tattoos and body art who get judgemental whispers and glares everyday, or women suffering from a disability that make them act a little differently than we do, and the list goes on and on. We also wanted to create a place for all ethnicity's and every age group from 2 - 102. We want to show people you are most definitely not alone. So that's why we started this blog. now that you know all about us, Let the journey begin. But first here's your homework, Interact with us on twitter, tweet us ideas, suggestions, and your thoughts, we definitely want to hear them. We'll post challenges (but shhh... That's our secret of what's to come) Don't forget to spread the word, and to keep helping us redefine what it means to be different.

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