Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Exposed: Feminism is it good or bad?

"Women belong in the house.....and the senate"

Feminism. I never really understood why feminism is such a controversial topic, but after some research the answer maybe closer than you think. When it comes to feminism people have many different views and opinions on the topic. Whether you're a strong supporter against gender discrimination or you think it's all an over-exaggerated mess, it can sometimes feel like there's no in between so you have to choose your stance based off of two extremely different views with extremely different morals, and that alone can cause controversy. But is that really the reason behind all the talk, I wanted to know what exactly did it mean to be a feminist, and with a lot of help from Google this is what I gathered.First let's start off with a definition shall we.  Feminism - A collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women. Basically a feminist promotes the equal rights of women in a lot of different ways. Which to me sounds pretty good right? But what I really wanted to know was the dirt, what was behind all the controversy? After what seemed like weeks (it was only 2 days) I finally started to unravel the wraps surrounding Feminism and I really started to understand the bigger picture here which is Feminism maybe a lot worse for women than it is good. Now don't get me wrong I'm all for the uprising of the women army but I'm starting to see how feminism is causing more problems in this war known as the "Battle of the sexes". Recently feminism has become a big part of society partially due to social media and technology, and has continue to grow because of the increase of explicit images portrayed in music videos, and songs. But with the growth of all of these campaigns and movements we've started to loose one important thing. Ourselves. Our happiness, our sense of morals and logic. Feminism revolves around educating the public about different issues, and eliminating gender discrimination. But in that same breath we've started to create more insecurities in women and controversy without even knowing it.Women deserve to be happy, to be strong and confident, and if you're happy being a housewife what's wrong with that? See, although I do agree with a lot of things feminism stands for, there are some things I just don't get. Just because a woman chooses to be a housewife, or chooses to not go to college doesn't mean they should be criticized or labeled as any less of a person. Sure you may not agree with their choice and yeah there are other options out there, but why even protest a decision if they're happy with their life? Who are we to judge what makes another person happy? Feminists are all about (like the definition said) "establishing and defending equal rights political, economic and social rights for women" So based off of that definition alone a woman choosing to be a housewife is just outlandish and insane. I honestly don't believe the problem here is feminism itself, because feminism does hold some really great values. I mean you can't disagree that there are distinctive gender roles and double standards between men and women in society. For example Where a man maybe considered a constructive boss, a woman holding the same position would be looked at as just bossy. They also educate the public and create domestic violence awareness which is always a good thing. But there's also a very fine line between adults trying to create equal rights among two genders and kindergartners arguing over whose finger painting project is better. It's really easy to confuse promoting equal rights with just promoting another gender. Me, I wouldn't consider myself a feminist. I believe that every woman should feel confident and beautiful, no matter what you look like, where you work, or what you believe in. I also believe that we're all human beings, we may be anatomically different but were still humans when it comes down to it and people need to realize that. Both men and women have insecurities about some of the same things like weight and appearance. We all have hopes and dreams and occasionally struggle from time to time. So my point is although feminism is a controversial topic it's not all bad. Some people are probably pulling apart every word I've said so far and that's OK. I want to hear your opinion on this rather touchy subject. So leave your opinions in the comments down below. I'm definitely not as educated as some of you guys are after all I did only spend two days doing research on this topic, so I can't wait to read your opinions and hear your definition of what feminism means. (also can someone please touch on the miley cyrus feminist role model thing, I definitely don't get that.) Anyway comments are now open for debate and don't forget to follow @beauty _breaking on twitter for more sneak peeks, tips, tricks. You know what we're Just a little bit of everything.(Picture above credited to the recently released Pantene commercial, I highly recommend checking it out!)

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