Sunday, January 5, 2014

Love your body series is here!

"Exercise in the morning before your brain knows what you're doing."

If you follow us on twitter you would know I've mentioned the #getfitforfebruary challenge almost as much as I mentioned the Backstreet Boys, and we all know that's a lot. Since the new year has officially begun I thought I'd share with you all what the heck I'm actually talking about.
I along with many other people have created New Years resolutions and let's be honest about 85% of them just won't happen. Seriously, Keep my office space organized? Let's be realistic here.....But there is one I have vowed to follow since I first discovered the wonders of fast food and chocolate, 2 of my most guilty pleasures. And it is to eat clean and get lean. Has a nice little ring to it right? I've always found this particular resolution the hardest to keep since well lets just say if I had to choose between cooking a healthy meal and ordering a pizza. I would pick the pizza and add some healthy toppings to make me feel less guilty. Yes it's that bad. This year though it's gonna be different because 1) I discovered this you tube channel about a year ago called Toneitup, if you're not familiar with these unnaturally beautiful ridiculously fit ladies I'll leave all the links at the END of the post just to give you an idea of what to expect and to keep you from prematurely leaving this post. Anyway every year these 2 ladies put together a series of workout routines for the next 6 weeks leading up to valentines day called the #loveyourbody series. It's free to sign up and you have the chance to win pieces from Victoria's secret's sport collection and more! Sounds great right??? If you're already excited to get started great! If not, hear me out. I'm a strong believer (if you couldn't tell already) in women loving who they are and whatever size you are, but I also believe that working out shouldn't be about trying to make yourself look like an airbrushed fitness model or a Victoria's secret model at that. It should be about you feeling healthy, happy, and strong in your own skin. With that being said this challenge is meant to do just that. Make you feel healthy, happy and strong by the end of these 6 weeks. Now of course you won't get a 6 pack at the end of these 6 weeks (hey who knows, you could I'm no nutritionist so it could happen) but what I can tell is you will feel more (for lack of a better word) accomplished for doing something you never imagined you could do. Even if that means just being able to do a set of workouts without taking a 20 minute "bathroom" or "stretch" break in between. So if you are now somewhat interested, what I'm asking from you, yes you reading this is to join me along with thousands of other women on not only a fitness journey but a life changing event where you'll meet new people and receive an unmeasurable amount of support to reach your goal.  Today is one post out of many check-ins through out the month letting you guys know I am sticking to my once unreasonable goal. All the info will be down below so check it out AND don't forget to follow @beauty_breaking on twitter and hit that beautiful blogloving button at the top left hand corner for constant updates, pictures, motivation, and brand new challenges!! the first video below is an introduction to the 2014 love your body series, and the second video is a little example from what they did last year, enjoy!

You can sign up here, once you click this link it should bring you to their website where you can view this weeks love your body workout routines and you can sign up to continue receiving weekly workout routines. Good luck everyone and wish me luck I'm gonna need it....     

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