Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blog update, what's up next?

 A lot has changed since we published our last "all about us" post, so we figured it was about time to give you and all our new followers an update on what to expect and what we're all about. When the idea of creating this business first came about the biggest obstacle we faced was trying to figure out how to combine the two things we're most passionate about without being labeled a hypocrite or unintentionally creating bias. Most beauty campaigns stray away from anything that can alter your appearance in any way, and they emphasize that Using make-up or loving fitness is usually defined as a desperate plea to fit in with the unrealistic standards set by society, and to who ever is passionate about either of these topics can sometimes face the criticism from a variety of people claiming that's not what a role model for natural beauty should be interested in or be promoting for that matter. And sometimes they're right but most times they're wrong, but what happens pretty much all the time is that these girls then get penalized for doing what they love. What we wanted to do was change that, we wanted to show people you can do what you love without the fear of being judged or being labeled a hypocrite.Besides who are we to judge what makes a person happy in the first place? We wanted to show teachers, athletes, make-up artists, moms, lawyers, cops, army veterans, and anyone else you can possibly think of that they are all beautiful no matter how old you are, how much you weigh, what your job is, who you love, or how you look. We wanted to shed light on the bullied and help victims who've suffered in the hand of bullies to realize how amazing you really are and to show them no you're not alone. We realized from the beginning that most beauty campaigns are one sided and mainly focus on body insecurities, and that not every woman can relate to this message. We all have different insecurities that's what makes us human, that's what makes us who we are. But we live in a society where if you're a little bit different then you're automatically looked at as unattractive or as an outcast and we wanted to change that. We wanted people to see that having tattoos doesn't make you any less of a role model or that having a skin disease doesn't mean you can't be a model. We're all people, we have flaws, and insecurities, it's about time we show the world we're okay with that. Show off your confidence without the fear of being called arrogant.We're here to help you be proud of who you are, what you've achieved, and how far you've come in life, to help you showcase how amazing you really are, whether you have a learning disability or a physical disability. We want everyone to see how much you mean to the world even in a society that says otherwise. What makes us different is that we know what it's like to have those feelings, to be bullied, to think you'll never get anywhere, we've been there. And we're here to help you realize you're more than those harmful words, you're human and we're here to show everyone how awesome you all are. We wanted to pick role models to represent our blog. Role models that embody all the insecurities that everyone suffers from (and definitely no retouching photos) instead of having a spokesperson with the perfect body, or skin that most people just can't relate too. As for the blog, we have posts planned about real people by real people. Stories from survivors, leaders, and life changers. Women who talk about their career choices, their insecurities, their life choices, and more. We also wanted to include the beauty aspect, we love playing around with clothes and makeup so expect product reviews, and collaborations with other beauty bloggers. You can also expect exercise related posts to posts showcasing street style in NYC to documenting my life, my travels and experiences around the world to letting you guys see what goes on behind the scenes of putting all this together. We also want to keep you, our readers involved as much as possible so don't be shy to connect with us on Twitter. We would love to hear your stories and opinions!! Your support means the world to us and whoever is apart of this community, our community. So thank you guys for everything and I hope you're as excited for this journey as we are!!

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