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Top 5 drugstore eyes and lip products!!

In our first top 5 post we reviewed our favorite drugstore face products, so today we thought it was about time to bring you part 2 of our drugstore series where we'll be reviewing our favorite eyes and lip products as you could probably tell from the title. Well, lets get straight to it!! I wanted to start off buy reviewing my all time favorite eye products with you all. Ever since I first started experimenting with drugstore products, I found picking out shadows, mascaras, and liners we're always my favorite. Being able to actually see the products before you buy makes it easier to get a certain look you want to create in mind almost immediately, not to mention you don't have to worry about buying the wrong shade. Let's start off with my favorite eyelid primer which is

Elf's eyelid primer
Price range: $1.00
Shade: sheer
Overall impression: 9
Pro's: I absolutely love this primer not just because it's only $1, but because it's by elf. Most people stray away from elf products because of this idea that cheap makeup means cheap quality, and this primer kinda just proves you all wrong. The first thing I love about this primer is that it works wonders for whatever shadow or look I decide to rock that day. Whether I'm going for a more natural look or a dramatic sexy smokey eye for a night out in the city. Upon first application it has a bit of a lighter tint to it, but after you work it onto the lid it almost looks sheer and doesn't feel heavy at all. A big problem I have, along with hundreds of other girls, is during the summertime I get oily. Everywhere!! On my forehead, cheeks, and even my eyelids, so when I do decide to look nice and forget to put on a primer it almost seems like my eye shadow for lack of a better word melts off. This product thankfully prevents that from happening. My shadows go on smooth, lasts longer, and it really helps the pigments pop! It prevents creasing, and can help you obtain that nice matte finish we all strive to achieve. In my opinion this product is a dupe of the Urban Decay primer potion, which to me makes this a better deal since for almost the same amount and same results of a high end product you're only paying $1 compared to Urban Decay, where you're paying almost $20.
Con's: I only have 1, and if it weren't for this little peeve of mine this product would be a 10. The applicator has a straight dome tip, kind of like the ones you see used in most lip glosses, which is normal for most primers but I prefer using a more curved dome tip similar to the one used by urban decay just because it's easier to apply and it works with the contour of the eye lid and shape. Now onto my favorite eye shadow which is

L'oreal Paris infallible shadows
Price range: $7
Overall impression: 8 1/2
Pro's: I'm kinda obsessed with these shadows. I have honestly bought every color this line has to offer. But I have to say my absolute favorite thing about this line is how pigmented and how long these shades last throughout the day!! This line could compete with some of Mac's singular eye shadow pots that can cost you up to $15. These shadows aren't loose, but they aren't compact either. It's super blendable and doesn't leave behind any harsh lines. They last throughout the normal work day while still managing to look good by the time you get home.
Con's: this product doesn't come in many shades. I've only found 8 so far but the color selection isn't that narrow at all. They range from beautiful neutrals to pretty shades of bright pinks, which kinda makes up for the lack of choices. Also with any eye shadow there's almost always fallout, and this product doesn't disappoint. It tends to build up on my lashes after first applying it and sometimes under my eye, but its nothing a little mascara can't fix :-). Speaking of mascara that brings me to my next favorite.....

The Covergirl Lash Blast line
Price range : from lowest to highest is $5 to $10
Overall impression: 9
Pro's: Covergirl in my opinion is the leading drugstore brand when it comes to mascaras. There's something about their formulas and how easy it is to use them that keeps me coming back for more. First let's talk about the formula. There are some things that you look for when in the market for a new good mascara. It hast to create length and volume at the same time. It can't look clumpy after just one coat, or leave that black residue on the lid, and it has to look natural while lasting throughout the day. Covergirl has somehow managed to nail this checklist with pretty much every product in this line. Although my favorite product at the moment is the Cover girl Clump Crusher Lash Blast Mascara, I don't have an all-time favorite because I honestly can't choose. It switches from time to time. Another great thing about this mascara is it's easy to remove. Fun fact: I normally use olive oil to remove any stubborn eye makeup. Not only does it remove the toughest long wear products but it conditions the lashes at the same time! It also prevents you from getting the dreaded raccoon eyes the next day. I can't specifically review the brush types because there's an assortment of shapes throughout the line but they all give you relatively the same results.
Con's: my only problem with these mascaras are that after adding to many coats,it can start to look thick and clumpy. My recommendation, only do 2-3 coats max.
I don't have a life changing liner yet,but I do have some honorable mentions saved up for another post, you just have to wait for that one!! Now onto lips. My next product has been my lifesaver time and time again. Because it's wintertime my lips have been dry, flaky, and just plain bad and this product has come to my rescue in my time of need. If you haven't already guessed what I'm talking about it's the highly raved about miracle product...

Maybelline Baby Lips
Price range: $3-4
Overall impression: 9
Pro's: I'm not a big lipstick fan. I really only wear lipstick or lip gloss on special occasions. So when I found out about a ChapStick that gives you the same effect of wearing a lipstick, I was sold almost immediately, and am now addicted. What I love most about this product is it doesn't give me the feeling of wearing chapstick. It feels light on your lips and is great for everyday wear, it also moisturizes and heals your lips at the same time. This may sound weird but, have you ever forgot you we're wearing chapstick, licked your lips, and got this overwhelming taste of  medicated cream? Hopefully I'm not the only one, but it happens to me more often than I'd like to admit and the great thing about this product is it doesn't have that taste! So in the unlikely event you do get it in your mouth you won't want to scrub your taste buds off. Really it's only a matter of time before babylips comes out with a flavored line. I'm still waiting for that to happen. Anyway it also has SPF 20 which is amazing especially in the summer. Oh and did I mention it comes in an assortment of colors?? Of course I did, but I just have to emphasize how important that aspect is to me. Massive props to Maybelline for making that happen.
Con's: If I had to pick something wrong with this line, it's that I have to reapply this product more than I'd like too. I prefer a ChapStick that's more durable mainly during the summer and winter time when the weather is particularly at its worst, and this product doesn't give me that full effect.
My last and final favorite (I know, I know, don't get too sad) is the

Revlon just bitten lip balm and stain
Price range: $7 - $8
Overall impression: 10!!
Pro's: Does anyone else remember when Revlon first came out with the balm and stain idea it was first introduced as a stain on one side and balm on the other? Well this time they mashed it all into 1 miracle product. Like I said before I'm definitely not a lipstick girl, so if I can find products that give off the look and effect of wearing lipstick without the extra touch ups throughout the day. I couldn't be happier. My first pro has everything to do with why I miss my childhood. The fact that they made this to look like a giant crayon, it's really a newer innovative application method and I like it. What else is so great about this method is that you don't have to sharpen it because it comes with a twist up mechanism. On first application it tends to look more sheer and has a shine quality to which I believe comes from the balm aspect, but it's extremely buildable. So you can go from an all natural look to a strong dramatic lip. Since it is a lip stain, the color is extremely pigmented and lasts pretty much all day through any obstacle. I also love that you don't have to tug on the product to get a good color pay off, it goes on smooth and feels light on the lips. I find that on the rare occasion that I do wear lipstick they tend to dry out my lips but since this is a stain with a balm infused throughout the product it protects my lips by keeping them moisturized, healthy, and happy. It also comes with a wide selection of colors ( my current favorite is sweetheart) I believe there's 12 shades altogether, but I could be wrong. Finally this product smells so good. It almost smells minty, but isn't too over powering. Quick tip: wear this under the Maybelline babylips for a more glossy finish, and for those days when your lips need a little extra TLC.)
Con's: for the first time I don't have any, this is hands down one of my go to favorites for sure.
Well that's it for part 2 of our drugstore series!! We hope you liked it! Have you tried any of our favorites? Leave a comment below with feedback or what drugstore products you can't live without!! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @beauty_breaking for constant updates, sneek peaks, and more!!!


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