Thursday, March 6, 2014

What I really think about Beauty Campaigns.....

Welcome back to our blog Lovelies!! It's been ages since we last posted a motivational post, so today we thought we'd touch base on a rather controversial topic just for you guys. Which is..... Beauty Campaigns. First let me share you all a story that happened to me the other day. I was watching old backstreet boys music videos on YouTube (yeah, I have no shame) when an ad for the "love is louder" campaign grabbed my attention. Seeing as the skip ad option wasn't available, I actually sat through the whole thing and watched it through . If you're not familiar with the "love is louder" campaign I'll share a little bit of what I got with you from my research. "Love is louder" was originally a combined effort started by actress Brittany Snow, The Jed foundation, and MTV. Since then they've paired up with inspiring groups like the Trevor Project and all with one goal in mind. To support people who feel alone, different, worthless, or misunderstood. I'll leave links at the end of this post if you'd like to read more on them. Anyway after watching a 1 minute ad I was inspired and curious. Out of all the campaigns out there this one had to be my favorite. It targets almost anyone while withholding bias or judgment. Most importantly it's already changed so many lives for the better. With that being said I went on a mission to find a more publicized campaign like this one targeted specifically towards women. I narrowed my options down to the 4 more well known beauty movements out there. 1) Dove's real beauty campaign. 2) Victoria's secret Love my body campaign. 3) L'oreals Because we're worth it movement and finally 4) Aerie's real campaign. All 4 of these have great messages, really they do. But they all also have some serious flaws, and I think it's about time someone finally says something about it, don't you think? Since I listed Dove's campaign first, let's start off by talking a little bit about what they've done already. I think we're all familiar with Dove's real beauty sketches. If not I'll link the video down below.

The overall idea of this video is great. It's true, we are our harshest critic but my question to you dove is what do you think made us this way? How about videos like these. As you can see there's not that much diversity going on here. A majority of the women featured were Caucasian, blond haired, and blue eyes. I think the only thing they did right was getting a more diverse age group. There we're few African Americans and no other race was even mentioned or featured. And in a campaign focused on showing women you can embrace your curves shouldn't you show more curvy women?? I'm getting mixed signals here. This point leads me to my next major flaw. Dove's real beauty campaign is all about embracing your curves so much so that it tends to make women who are skinny feel wrong or socially unaccepted. Shouldn't a campaign called "real beauty" showcase beauty in everyone not just one or the other and do so without bashing on how someone else looks. Onto my number 2 choice which was the Victoria secret "Love my body" campaign. Now it's obvious from the get co there's A LOT of flaws going on here. But hey at least they show beauty stems from confidence, right? That's one thing they're doing right. Right off the back, this campaign is doing one huge thing wrong by having their title as "Love MY body" and not "Love your body" it's almost like they want us to be jealous of their models in their underwear. And obviously not all girls look like that. In fact, a majority of girls do not look like that. You know what; This campaign is exactly what the title says I do have to give them that, because after seeing this campaign you're definitely not loving YOUR body whatsoever. Although these 2 campaigns are a bit older, they in my opinion are really what set off all the love your body and love yourself movements as bad as they maybe. My next one though has been around for a while, almost as long as the makeup itself and it's still going strong. I'm talking about L'oreals "Because we're worth it" movement/campaign. This campaign originally started off as just a slogan but grew into something much more after the sudden boom in product sales. Now don't get me wrong I actually do like the message they're trying to convey, and it's not just because I'm a big of their makeup. See the problem here isn't in the message they're trying to portray but it lies in who's relaying it. Every spokesperson has been this beautiful bombshell ranging from Kerry Washington to the current blond bombshell Blake lively. This could also stem from the fact that they are a makeup company and makeup is supposed to enhance your natural features to make you look like this beautiful bombshell selling you their products. But it doesn't always have to be that way. Take cover girl for example. Okay sure their spokesperson or people always have flawless skin but lets look at who they've picked to represent their brand. Ellen degeneres for one is a beautiful, strong role model for the LGBT community, she's a talented comedian, and  for dang sure a great host!!! of anything! Queen latifah, a beautiful, black, curvy, women, who's also a comedian, actress, and talk show host. Sofia Vergera, a beautiful Latina women with curves for days and who can forget the unforgettable Talia CastellaƱo an inspiring young lady, passionate about what she loved who just lost her battle to cancer at 13. These women are what role models should be. They aren't just beautiful bombshells but real strong people that we all can relate too. L'oreal, watch out you got some competition...... finally let's move on to choice number 4 . Aerie's "real" campaign. At first glance it seems like a great idea, aerie would be the first company to actually use untouched, non-photoshopped images to represent their brand. Hence the name "real". But my question for aerie is what does "real" mean to you?? Sure these women are real, they're just as real as any other individual who identifies them self as a woman, yet every woman represented here is fit and flawless. These images don't relate to every "real" woman out there, which can make some women feel the "real" you isn't sexy. Sure, the women modeling in this company are real and they are sexy. But you know what else is sexy?? Love handles, cellulite, dimples, freckles, dark marks, scars,tummy fat, and belly rolls, skinny girls with no breasts, and curvy girls with big breasts, body acne, tattoos, girls short and tall, girls of every shape,size,race, and color. Aerie if  your goal is to promote self confidence in women then why not showcase the real woman, and not some supermodel. These 4 companies have 1 thing in common they want to show women that in a superficial world what really matters is that you know you're beautiful inside and out. But one really has to wonder once you put aside the good intentions and really examine these almost elementary mistakes, are these companies really trying to promote self confidence or promote their products?? This post will probably be controversial to some, but I think it was about time someone said what we all we're thinking. Yeah, it's time for a change and everyone who follows us either on bloglovin or twitter ( a little harmless self promotion there) really are helping create that change, by showing we all believe in one thing. EVERY woman is beautiful. It doesn't matter who you are, what you believe, where you're from, or what you do or look like. We're not a company looking to make a profit off of products or trying to boost our popularity, but a group of people who believe every woman of every age should be able to look in the mirror and say "I am Beautiful" and mean it. If you want to join us feel free to stop by our twitter @beauty_breaking. Like what you just read? Follow us on bloglovin and comment your thoughts on this topic. We want to hear from you!!!!! Leave us ideas of what you want to see next, we read everyone of them !!!

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